PEXI is supplying steel frame housing in Africa and the Middle East. The fast and reliable steel frame construction system enables the rapid development of individual houses with less material while training and utilizing the local workforce.

Steel frame construction is also easily scalable and with production of the steel beams on site, a project can be realized with minimized freight cost, be it a single house or entire housing community.

Construction and housing

    Steel Frame Construction – Better than conventional construction in every way

Steel-frame buildings are constructed from light-gauge steel profiles manufactured using a roll-forming machine that is controlled with sophisticated computer-aided design software. This is the only technology that integrates the design and manufacture of a complete building, thereby fast-tracking many of the processes associated with traditional construction techniques

Steel-frame construction developed from traditional timbre-frame mehthods that have been used around the world for centuries. Since the 1970s, steel-frame technology has been used extensively in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Superior energy-efficiency and environmental performance are driving the rapid adoption of this technology in countries with cold climates, such as Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Light steel-frame construction allows architects to deliver high quality, energy-efficient buildings in extreme climates across Africa.

Low Environmental Impact

Almost 50% of all steel is produced in electric plants that use recycled scrap metal and generate no CO2 emissions. Steel-frame constructrion is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites where conventional building methods cannot be used. A steel-frame building is easily dismantled and all materials can be re-used.

Rapid Construction

A single 3-bedroom home can be completed in six weeks. With optimal resource allocation or larger projects, throughput of one house per 8-hour shift can be achieved using a single frame profiling machine. This is the only technology with the capacity to execute large projects in remote locations.

Light steel-frame technology allows you to use the world’s most advanced building materials manufactured to international standards. Consistent material quality ensures that every building meets your performance specifications, regardless of local conditions.

High performance materials provide superior thermal insulation, so buildings are more comfortable and require less electricity for heating and cooling. The result is reduced running costs and less capital investment in power generation.


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